Anomalous Sector Crawl - Anomalies

S.T.A.L.K.E.R is all about anomalies! Invisible/barely visible areas in the environment which exhibit well.. Anomalous behaviour. Below are some examples.

The idea behind most of these anomalies is that they are very dangerous, but with experience are easy to spot.


Triggered by: Any movement not caused by the vortex within radius
Effect: Pulls everything in radius to the center and deals 2d10 crushing damage per round until the victim is dead or escapes.
Tells: Dust devils, leaves whirling in a circular pattern


Triggered by: Any movement within radius
Effect sets everything within the radius on fire (1d4 damage per round until extinguished, leaving the radius doesn’t stop the fire)
Tells: Charred ground, immolated corpses, heat haze


Triggered by: Rapid movement in the radius (slow movement doesn’t trigger)
Effect: Roll 1d6, 1-3 gravity is violently reversed. Doesn’t cause damage directly but falling or being shunted into something does. 4-6, gravity is crushingly intense (1d10 damage per round). Effect stops when nothing in radius is moving.
Tells: Heat haze, very compacted ground, radius is stripped clean, floating leaves/dust

Electronics Deadzone

Triggered by: Entering the radius
Effect: All electronics in the radius die.
Tells: None

Invisible Wall

Triggered by: Always active
Effect: Anomaly is an impassable wall of energy. Does not do any damage on contact but if a player tries to slam through it, damage appropriate for slamming into a wall applies.
Tells: items piled along a straight line.

Radiation Field

Triggered by: Always active
Effect: When a character enters the field (and each turn in the field), roll a d4, on a 1 the character contracts radiation poisoning. Subsequent rolls while in the field are at disadvantage.
Tells: heat haze, geiger counter goes apeshit