Anomalous Sector Crawl - Classes

My first thought regarding the anomalous sector crawl was that I wanted to do something modern on The Black Hack’s framework. I put together the following classes, they follow the cleric/rogue/warrior archetypes while being setting-appropriate. There’s nothing stopping you running a mage in the same setting and calling him a psychic mutant. Go nuts!


Starting HP: 1d6 + 4
Starting HD: 1d8
Usable Weapons/Armour: Semi automatic weapons/Shotguns/Kevlar Vest
Attack Damage:1d6

Medical Practitioner: Roll with advantage on checks relating to first aid and healing.
Nuclear Medicine: Once per session per character, the Doctor may treat a character’s radiation poisoning. Make a WIS roll, on a success the character may remove 1 level of radiation poisoning. On a critical success, they may remove 2 levels of radiation poisoning.


Starting HP: 1d6 + 2
Starting HD: 1d6
Usable Weapons/Armour: Pistols, light marksman rifles, melee weapons, slashproof vest
Attack Damage: 1d4

Move Silently: Roll with advantage on checks relating to climbing, stealth and surveillance.
Scavenger: When rolling usage dice on ammunition, a scout may re-roll a 2 once. (a 1 is still a failure and cannot be rerolled)


Starting HP: 1d4 + 6
Starting HD: 1d8
Usable Weapons/Armour: Any
Attack Damage: 1d8

Double tap: Roll with advantage on attack rolls.
Self Reliant: When rolling Broken Armour Die, a soldier may re-roll results of 1 once.

Radiation Poisoning

Radiation is a big part of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R games. No tabletop setting would be complete without it.
*Each time radiation poisoning is contracted, increase the Ud one level (Ud4 -> Ud6 and so on) Radiation poisoning works as a disease.

If you fail the CON test - Reduce CON by 1 and take damage equal to the character’s level. If CON cannot be reduced further, the character dies.