I’ve been thinking a lot about a campaign with a body horror angle. The following table is obviously not going to be suitable for your average game. A game where the players are going in aware of the fact that their character might not make it out totally who they were going in sounds pretty interesting to me though…

Roll 1d6/2 on the mutation families and then roll 1d6 on the mutations within that family. If the character has a rolled mutation, roll again.

Mutation Families

1: Eagle

Characters mutating into the eagle family may gain the ability to fly at the cost of being able to wear armour or even speak.

1: Wings

Wings burst out of the character’s back. The character cannot wear chest armour any more. However, they can fly in short, 30ft bursts.

2: Beak

The afflicted’s teeth meld together agonizingly into a beak shape. +2 damage to biting attacks.

3: Talons

The afflicted’s feet compress and bend in to talons, bursting out of their shoes.

4: Hollow bones

The afflicted creature’s bones get weaker and hollow. Total body mass is lower and if they have wings, they may fly an additional 20ft. -1d6 CON, -1HD of HP.

5: Enhanced vision

The afflicted’s eyes undergo subtle changes. The whites take on a yellow tinge and the afflicted can see far further. Advantage on ranged attacks

6: Nothing

2: Snake

Characters mutating into the snake family may gain the ability to strike and cause poisonous damage over time, however they may find their limbs more useless over time.

1: Fangs

The afflicted’s canine teeth extend into fangs. +2 damage on biting attacks.

2: Venom Sacs

On a successful biting attack, cause 1d4 ongoing damage to an enemy.

3: Short Sighted

The afflicted notices that they cannot see like they used to. Disadvantage on ranged attacks

4: Vibration sensitivity

The afflicted receives a bonus on any rolls to detect movement in a nearby radius.

5: Weak limbs

The afflicted’s arm and leg muscles atrophy and wither. Disadvantage on non-biting melee attacks.

6: Nothing

3: Shark

Characters mutating into the shark family may gain extra sensory perception and the ability to swim underwater at the cost of being forever tethered to the water.

1: Rings of teeth

The afflicted’s palate sprouts rings of pointed teeth. Advantage on rolls to do with intimidation.

2: Leathery skin

The afflicted’s skin becomes leathery and grey. +1 CON

3: Black eyes

Dead black eyes. Excellent vision underwater. Can’t see very well on land. Disadvantage on ranged attacks.

4: Gills

Breathe underwater, however at the start of any day where the afflicted isn’t submerged in water, they take their 1d4 + their level in damage.

5: Electro-sensitive perception

Advantage on sensing things in close proximity without vision.

6: Nothing